Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery
Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery
Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery
Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery
Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery
Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery
Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery
Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery
Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery
Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery

Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo with Palm Jaggery

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Experience the sumptuous blend of Moong dal, sun dried cranberry, palm jaggery, and desi cow ghee for unparalleled richness.


No Preservatives

No added refined sugar

No Added Sugar

Sweetened palm jaggery

Wholesome Nutrition

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Introducing our delightful Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo, made without any processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Handcrafted with care, these laddoos combine the goodness of golden moong dal with the tartness of cranberries for a unique and delicious treat

 Each laddoo is packed with the wholesome goodness of premium moong dal, natural sweetener palm jaggery, tangy sun-dried cranberries, and desi cow ghee. The addition of sweet and tangy cranberries adds a burst of flavor and a hint of natural sweetness.

Perfect for any occasion or as a guilt-free snack, our Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo is a delightful way to satisfy your sweet cravings while indulging in a healthy treat. Treat yourself to a taste sensation that combines tradition with innovation in every bite

  • Moong Dal - 50%
  • Sun Dried Cranberry - 13%
  • Palm Jaggery - 16%
  • Desi Cow Ghee - 21%
  • Total - 100%

Per Laddoo = 28 Gm. Values per Laddoo

Typical Value Per Serve RDA
Energy 129.9Kcal _
Protein 2.89g 54g
Carbohydrate 18.15g _
Fat 5.09g 30g
SFA 3.39g 22g
MUFA+PUFA 1.56g _
Dietary Fibre 1g 40g
Folic Acid (B9) 9mcg 300mcg
Total Carotenoids 54mcg 1000mcg
Calcium 7mg 1000mg
Iron 0.8mg 29mg
Magnesium 22mg 385mg
Potassium 142mg 3500mg
Sodium 22.04mg 2000mg
Selenium 4.2mcg 40mcg
Zinc 0.25mg 17mg
  • No added refined sugar
    Naturally sweetened with Palm jaggery that not only adds sweetness but also enhances the taste of the ladoos.
  • Palm Jaggery Benefits
    Palm Jaggery contains Iron along with Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium & Calcium. This helps in digestion by activating digestive enzymes, helps in relieving cough & cold, and is a good energy booster as it is rich in carbohydrates.
  • Other health benefits
    The presence of not only Palm Jaggery but also Moongdal, Cranberry & Cow ghee adds immense benefits to this traditional laddu loved by all. Moongdal is rich in protein, fiber, Vitamins, iron and many more minerals that help in defending our body from several chronic, age-related diseases
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Customer Reviews

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Deepika Alijar
Healthy n delicious

Amazing ladoo with mouth watering taste... Extremely happy with the product

Thanks for the wonderful review. This encourages us to serve better


Absolutely delicious, innovative, nutritive. Loved these healthy laddoos


It’s fresh, tastes good & very nutritive! Enjoyed these healthy laddoos


Absolutely delicious, innovative, nutritive. Loved these healthy laddoos


Absolutely delicious, innovative, nutritive. Loved these healthy laddoos


Can be stored in the box supplied, at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Palm Jaggery is extracted from the sap of the Palm trees. These trees are also known as Toddy Palm Trees or Palmyra Trees. These are mainly found in Southern India. Popularly known as Karupatti.

Palm Jaggery contains Protein, Carbohydrate, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Nicotinic acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 & Vitamin C.

Palm Jaggery helps in relieving constipation, improves digestion, helps in cleansing the liver, boosts energy, purifies the blood, anti-toxic and anti-carcinogenic properties, relieves tension, treatment of bronchial or lung infections and premenstrual syndrome.

Studies have shown that Sugar is known to depress the immune system. More consumption of added sugar leads to obesity. High blood glucose levels can even lead to deteriorating blood vessels and heart disease. Added sugar is correlated with high triglycerides and lower HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

Too much refined sugar creates a cycle of intense highs and lows, keeping our blood sugar, hormones and neurotransmitters out of balance.

You can have these Laddoos in moderation (Recommended for a healthy person).

Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo (Sweetened with Palm Jaggery):

With just 18.15g of carbohydrate per laddoo it can be relished in moderation even by those with diabetes. Rich in protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, folate, and vitamin B-6 these moong protein rich mithai can help boost immunity and stamina with its sustained energy release. The bioactive plant compounds like proanthocyanidins in cranberries help relieve urinary tract Infections. Besides It can help reduce the risk of stomach cancer and help control cholesterol and blood pressure levels too. Cardamom and jaggery helps improve digestion, relieve constipation and purifies blood too. Minerals and antioxidants in moong and cranberry help purify the blood and relieve pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). The micronutrient rich laddoo can help those with bronchial or lung infections too.

These Laddoo have Trans-fat but very negligible. Besan laddoo has 0.5 g/ 100gm and Moongdal Laddoo has 0.45g/100gm only. Each laddoo weigh 30gm so practically no trans-fat is present.

All fats are not bad. We need fat to provide energy and for the absorption of certain nutrients in the body. The worst type of dietary fat is the kind known as Trans-fat. It is a byproduct of a process called hydrogenation that is used to turn healthy oils into solids and to prevent them from becoming rancid. Trans fats have no known health benefits and that there is no safe level of consumption.

Eating foods rich in trans fats increases the amount of harmful LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream and reduces the amount of beneficial HDL cholesterol. Trans fats create inflammation, which is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. They contribute to insulin resistance, which increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.