about us

Every journey starts with an idea! Here is ours..

We are typical Bengalis, who grew up surrounded with sweet shops and naturally loved sweets next to none.

When we shifted to Mumbai, our love for sweet continued. Unfortunately, when we shifted to Mumbai, my husband and myself were in our 40s and this love for sweets, had disastrous health implication on us. We had forgotten that with age, one must lead a healthier life. We visited Nutritionist to get our health back in form. And in 5-6 months’ time, with diet and exercise our all-health parameters were back to normal.

Now we were living a healthy life but we miss eating sweets. Our search in the market (Offline & Online) came up with hardly any options. We wanted sweets that did not use refined sugar or any artificial sweeteners or Stevia as we were aware of their effects on our health.

Having gone through ourselves through the process of reversing the health problems purely through Nutrition, we understood the importance of Nutritious Food. Research says that Food contributes to 70% of our Health issues. Understanding the importance of Food & at the same time problems in the market, we wanted to develop Foods which can help people to protect them from various Health issues and start living healthy life. As we all know Indians Love sweets and so we wanted to develop sweets that not only met our sweet craving but also provided us with balanced nutrition, which can provide unique health benefits to protect us from various health issues. We remember our Nani & Dadi feeding us with home-made laddoos that were in fact very nutritious.

With this idea, we sat down with our nutritionist and food technologist to develop laddoos that will not only provide balanced nutrition but also provide unique health benefits. Our love for sweet and our quest to help people overcome their health problem led to the birth of “The Filling Station” where SWEET MEETS HEALTH.

Our laddoos are made of super foods like Millets, Oats, Makhana, Nuts & Seeds which are Nutrient Dense and sweetened with Palm Jaggery. Palm jaggery is beneficial as it has the lowest glycemic index beside being rich in iron, selenium, zinc and magnesium. It also helps to prevent bronchial infection, cleanses the liver, purifies the blood and many such benefits. These Laddoos are designed in such a way that all these laddoos are nutrient balanced and provides unique health benefits like keeps your heart healthy, provides immunity, makes you energetic throughout the day, pre & post pregnancy care for new mothers, makes your bone strong, Keeps your muscle strong etc.

In this endeavor of ours, we look to help people overcome this health problems and lead a happy life.

“The purpose of our life is to be Happy” Dalai Lama