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Every journey starts with an idea! Here is ours..

Necessity is the mother of invention, a proverb that fits perfectly with our brand origin story.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and following a balanced diet has always been the way of living for my husband and me. We seldom compromise on our diets and our routines. Yet we found ourselves in situations wherein snacking decisions started becoming a lengthy and sometimes unhealthy process. Catering to Mid-meal cravings, or late nights with work or friends, we were finding it difficult to procure healthy options.

Looking for healthy alternatives in the market, we dived deep into the research of the ingredients used for the same. We started realizing how 'unhealthy' the 'healthy' options were. If it was tasty it was not healthy, if it was healthy it was not balanced. A product claiming low in calories was high in sodium, on the other hand, the 'sugar-free' snacks hid the amount of artificial flavorings content in them.
The pandemic further emphasized the importance of a healthy diet and hence we decided to create healthy snacks and desserts.

Being healthy can be a challenge with the dieting process, restrictions, and preparation. This makes it difficult to maintain consistency. Understanding this issue, with our team of dieticians and experienced food technologists, we developed food products that are not only healthy & nutritious but balanced and delicious at the same time. Our products are made up of natural ingredients rich in micronutrients that can assist with managing and reducing the effects of minor and major health issues such as a weak immune system, diabetes, cardiac problems, nutrient deficiency, etc. Although packed with nutrition, they are simply scrumptious and you'll devour them in a second.

It's not only a passion, but it is an intention to start a transformation, to start a revolution to help everyone achieve their health goals.