Guilt-Free Laddoo Trio - Besan Pistachio, Moongdal Cranberry, Coconut Cashew (750g)

Richness of Besan + Pistachio + Moongdal + Cranberry + Coconut + Cashew + Palm Jaggery + Desi Cow Ghee

No preservatives

No Preservatives

No added refined sugar

No Sugar

Sweetened palm jaggery

Sweetened with

Palm Jaggery

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Net Weight : 750 gms

27 Pieces

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Remember those good old days of waiting for the meal to get over so that we can have those lovingly hand rolled laddoos made by our grandmoms.

But in pursuit of healthy living, we have almost forgotten the pleasure of eating sweets. Nowadays we restrict ourselves to indulging in our sweet tooth only during festivities that too with a strict count on the intake.

We, The Filling Station want everyone to enjoy life while living healthily. The Filling Station brings to you traditional

  • Moongdal Cranberry Ladoo
  • Besan Pistachio Ladoo and
  • Coconut Cashew Ladoo

with Palm Jaggery to keep you healthy and also enjoy life guiltfree.

Why will you love it?

No added refined sugar
Naturally sweetened with Palm jaggery that not only adds sweetness but also enhances the taste of the laddus.

Palm Jaggery Benefits
Palm Jaggery contains Iron along with Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium & Calcium. This helps in digestion by activating digestive enzymes, helps in relieving cough & cold, and is a good energy booster as it is rich in carbohydrates.

Other health benefits
• Moongdal is rich in protein, fiber, Vitamins, iron and many more minerals that help in defending our body from several chronic, age-related diseases.

• The presence of high vitamin A and folic acid content in the Besan Pistachio Laddoo will help you with better stamina and immunity, besides giving you a radiant complexion. Loaded with the goodness of vegan proteins (5g per piece) from chana, this ladoo is nutrient-dense with a great score of vitamins and minerals.

• Coconut contains many antioxidant phenolic compounds that fight free radicals and help prevent oxidative stress throughout the body thus improving immunity. High fibrous and thus improve a number of different gastrointestinal issues and improves gut health.

Never before has life been so lovingly sweet!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
apurva d

It’s Fresh, Taste good and very Nutritive!


Amazingly Tasty, very innovative and Nutritive. Loved it!

Nandita Bora
Great and Healthy!!

Loved the Besan laddoos!

Ravikant Uniyal
Loved the products!

Loved the products!

Sandeep Pal

Simple minimum ingredients made taste great


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