Are you still clung to Deep-fried Samosa?

Are you still clung to Deep-fried Samosa?

Eating #Samosa always takes me to back to my childhood. I remember in my #childhood, most of the adults had their evening chai with #Samosas. Even when guest visited us, they were always served with #Chai & #samosa, the most favourite Evening #Snacks Jodi,  if not anything else.

#Samosa are those triangular shaped items that is filled generally with masala potatoes & peas. You can add other ingredients of your choice too like the paneer, cauliflower etc. #Samosas have very crunchy outer covering and are deep fried. Generally, they are served with green chutney or tomato ketchup. #Samosa are one of the oldest savouries that originated in Central Asia and travelled to India in the 13th – 14th century.

With growing up many things changed. #Samosa were no longer prepared at home but bought from nukkad ka shop, with the same oil being used again and again. With these changes, we slowly stopped eating our favourite chai-time snack and replaced it with other items.

There were many factors that went against the poor #samosa and among them the biggest culprit had been the Oil. The oil, was used for frying multiple times that resulted in the generation of transfat, which are cancerous in nature.  Intake of oil also increases the chances of heart diseases. Multiple oil frying is not the only problem here, due to the deep frying, the huge amount of calorie intake is a big concern. It is said that due to deep frying, the calorie intake increases by more than 400%. Along-with this is also the questionable #hygiene of the place, where these poor tasty samosas are prepared.

I am calling the #samosa poor as we are unable to gorge on them, inspite of them being so tasty to eat.

Now if an option is given to us, where we can eat our favourite samosa without any fear of ill-health, I am sure everyone will jump on that bandwagon.

Today you can buy #frozensamosa from retail stores and then #Air-fry them or bake them. The best part is that there is no compromise on the taste of the #samosas. You can #Air-fry the #frozen-samosa at 160 deg C for around 10 mins and #samosa that comes out is as crunchy & tasty as the deep fried one. And the best they can be air-fried without oil or you can just brush very little oil on it and thus the calorie count is much much less calories as compared to the #samosa being sold at your nukkad shop. 

Oh…most important thing is you can have these whenever you want to eat. You need not search for #Samosa near me and then place order either through the delivery food aggregator or directly to the store. You have your favourite samosa at whatever time you want to have. Isn’t this the best part?

We Indians are very particular about the taste of our food. So when you can eat your favourite #childhood #snack #samosa without deep frying but with the same taste, I am sure everyone of us would love to indulge in it….…..yumm yumm.