The Secret of the growth of the Food & Beverage Sector

The Secret of the growth of the Food & Beverage Sector

The present year 2021 is quite different from the previous years. Well, this is not something that none of us are aware of, but yes this pandemic has changed our world. So what is that change that I am writing about today…it is the attitude towards life that has drastically changed for everyone.

Internet penetration today is around 67% in the urban population, a growth of 4% from the previous year 2020.  With the increased internet penetration, a huge world of opportunity opened for a number of sectors like the F & B, gaming, online shopping, edu-tech etc. Availability of product & services at the finger-tip has helped the growth e-comm segment.

The pandemic further added zest to these sectors. With the pandemic, people were forced to stay and work from home. While working, they tried to bring zeal in their life by taking to cooking/ baking and when tired of doing so started ordering.  

Food takeaway or food delivery is not something that started now but in the recent times, this segment of the F & B sector has flourished.

So how is it such a big thing? Well, to be honest once we get used to the convenience of getting product / services at our finger-tip, we will not want to go back to the previous days. Earlier it was generally the youngsters and matured adults, who were used to ordering online but now the senior citizens have to caught-up with this trend. And that is a game changer. The senior citizens are gradually getting used to not only placing order online but also making online payments.

I run a E-comm food brand and we serve customers all over India. Today most of my customers are senior citizens. Earlier they used to call and place order and do COD payment. But for the past few months there has been quite a change. Senior citizens have started doing online payment too. This is all because of the convenience of getting delivery at their doorsteps.  

In is said that you form a habit when you are doing a thing consistently for 21 days and here we are speaking of months & months of being at home. And convenience is such a habit that no one would want to do away with.