Natural Immunizer - Oats Flax Seed Laddoo

Richness of Rolled Oats + Flax Seeds + Peanuts + Palm Jaggery + A Dash of Olive Oil

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Immunizer Laddoo

Who doesn't enjoy a good laddoo? Nowadays we don't eat them on a regular basis though, as they have many ill-effects. Consider what it'd be like if you could have it every day. And that too with benefits like helping you to build your immunity.

Elevate your well-being with our Immunity Booster Ladoo. Nutritionist-certified healthy laddoos crafted for a delightful treat that supports your overall health.

Well, one of the most enjoyable ways to build immunity is by having our nutritious ladoo made lovingly with rolled oats, flax seed, peanut and palm jaggery.

Before the pandemic, neither did we realize the importance of protecting our body nor were we conscious about what we ate. Health food or supplements had always been tasteless & boring to us. Lovingly curated, this hand rolled healthy laddu is a delicious powerhouse of antioxidant & anti-inflammatory substances.

Why will you love it?


  • Immunity Booster
    These vegan laddoo with the goodness of dietary fiber (soluble and insoluble) from oats, flaxseeds, dry coconut and peanuts and a rich source of Vitamin B-Complex that helps to build up immunity. This is also good for gut health.

  • Heart Care
    Heart healthy MUFA and PUFA in this nut oat combo can build on cardio protection impact.

  • Prevention of Chest infection
    The healthy omega 3 rich olive oil and palm jaggery added to the laddoo will arrest chest and throat infections and ease the phlegm and throat irritation too. 


RecommendationAs recommended by our in-house Nutritionist, a healthy normal person can eat 2 of these ladoos as anytime snacks.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Sangita Sharma
    Delicious and healthy

    These laddoo are delicious and very healthy .The flavour is unique and tempting.I would suggest all to try these amazing mouth watering laddoo

    Thanks for your Feedback. Happy to know that you have liked our product

    Jobi John 9999247867

    Absolutely loved it

    Mani Mistry Elavia

    I had gifted the ladoos and snacks to 3 friends. One of them said she and he husband just enjoy ed the ladoos and the other friend staying in the North found ot to be a perfect gift for the winter.

    Ravin Suryavanshi
    Superb taste

    Didn't know that Oats laddoo can taste so good. Loved the idea of eating sweet and also increasing immnunity is just great.

    Ranjana Ghoshal
    Great Product!

    The natural immuniser laddoo is quite unique in taste. Could easily have 2 of these at one go.


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