Fire Up - Dates Flax Seed Laddoo

Richness of Dates + Flax Seeds + Sesame Seeds + Palm Jaggery + A Dash of Olive Oil

No preservatives

No Preservatives

Complexd carbohydrate

Rich in

Complex Carbohydrate

No added refined sugar

No Sugar

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Feeling exhausted and it’s just afternoon. You are looking to eat something that will help to built-up your energy naturally mid-day and make you more productive.  

Would you be surprised if we say all of this can be done by building up energy in a happy & sweet way i.e. by indulging in some laddoo with no added refined sugar and with all natural ingredients.

Our Fire Up Ladoo is created with all natural ingredients such as dates, flax seeds, and sesame seeds to keep you energized throughout the day. Carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats supply you with energy that lasts all day long. 

Sure, by now this sweet, nutty flavored laddoo leaves you wanting more!

Our Nutritionist recommends you eat two healthy laddus in the morning, you will feel energized for the rest of the day. 

The presence of various macro and micro nutrients in this nutritious laddoo will not only boost your energy levels, it will also provide other benefits.

Why will you’ll love it

  • Energize your whole day
    These laddoos are rich in complex carbohydrates, protein and health fats that will help you to keep your energy level up, throughout the day. Our Nutritionist recommends 2 of these ladoos every morning to keep your energy from dipping midday.

  • Boost your immunity
    Selenium, magnesium Vitamin A, B & K in Dates and omega fatty acids in Flaxseed provide antioxidants & carotenoids to fight inflammation that helps to build-up immunity.

  • Prevents mode Swing & Depression
    Magnesium and B vitamins found in dates aid with mood swings and depression.

  • Memory reinforcer
    And, it also aids in memory reinforcement, thanks to iron and folic acid, which increase haemoglobin levels, improve workability and memory.

Try this all-natural Fire Up Laddoo, which provides a variety of advantages while also keeping you energized throughout the day.

Recommendation: As recommended by our in-house Nutritionist, a healthy normal person can eat 2 of these laddoos in the morning. 

Customer Reviews

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Amazingly Tasty, very innovative and Nutritive. Loved it!

Namrata Dadbhawala


Nisha Lamba

Quality Products

Poonam Pandit

These laddoos are great in taste and quality. Packaging is perfect for keeping them all together yet apart. Not only are these nutritious, they also make the breakfast wholesome. I'm glad to have found your brand and products.

Manu Bhutani

Great taste and highly engaging buying experience!


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