Heal Me - Dates Sesame Seed Laddoo

Richness of Dates + Flax Seeds + Sesame Seeds + Dry Ginger + Palm Jaggery + A Dash of Olive Oil

No preservatives

No Preservatives

High in antioxident

Rich in


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Who doesn't enjoy a good laddoo? Nowadays we don't eat them on a regular basis though, as they have many ill-effects. Consider what it'd be like if you could have it every day. And that too with benefits like helping you to build your Immunity booster ladoo for winter

Well, one of the most enjoyable ways to build immunity is by having our ladoo made lovingly with Dates, Flax Seed, Sesame Seed, Dry Ginger, White Miri Powder.

Before the pandemic, neither did we realize the importance of protecting our body nor were we conscious about what we ate. Health food or supplements had always been tasteless & boring to us. Lovingly curated, this hand-rolled laddu is a delicious powerhouse of antioxidants & anti-inflammatory substances.


Why will you love it?


  • Immunity Booster
    Selenium, magnesium Vitamin A, B & K in Dates, omega fatty acids in Flaxseed and Gingerol in the Ginger provide antioxidants & carotenoids to fight inflammation and infection that helps to build-up immunity.

  • Strengthen Bone
    This super healthy ladoo will strengthen your bones due to the presence of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus from the dates.

  • Energize your whole day
    This laddoo being rich in carbohydrate, protein & healthy fat from dates & flaxseed will keep energized for the complete day.

  • Memory reinforcer
    The natural goodness of iron and folic acid in this date laddoo will make your haemoglobin rich and enhance work capacity and memory.

So no more worrying, get more into enjoying life while building your immune system to take care of external stress.

Recommendation : As recommended by our in-house Nutritionist, a healthy normal person can eat 2 of these laddoos in the morning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Amazingly Tasty, very innovative and Nutritive. Loved it!


Amazingly Tasty, very innovative and Nutritive. Loved it!

Nitin Handa
Loved the products!

Product quality to packaging-loved every bit of it. Highly recommended!

Rajneesh Tripathi

very testy

Meghna Pratihar
Nice Taste!

I found the Heal me laddoo to be quite tasty & fullfilling.


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