Does Dieting Make You Feel Bad: Simple And Effective Way Of Managing Diet Happily

Does Dieting Make You Feel Bad: Simple And Effective Way Of Managing Diet Happily

Does dieting make you feel bad? Try these simple and effective way of managing to do dieting by training your brain & enjoying the process.


"If you can't follow a diet for all your life then just don't follow that at all", This says it all.  When you start following a diet in the beginning phase you are motivated like anything!


And to achieve the goal faster you tend to plan your diet very strictly. The first few days are great but as time passes on you crave more and more. And that's where it all comes back! You're all efforts are gone you eat and you feel guilty. 


No more worries about eating and feeling guilty. We will share few tips to make your dieting a easy cakewalk. 


How to start healthy eating food ?


First, understand why your body needs to be healthy and what vitamins and minerals are needed to be consumed daily. Once you have that, go and get medical examination of your body. This will give you a clear idea  about the things you should focus on  priority basis.


Now, let's understand how you can train your brain into eating healthy food?


But first, 

  • Is this possible to train our brains into eating healthy food?


To this the answer is yes, we can train our brains to eat healthy food.


Now, Let's understand how we can do that! 


Cook your favourite dish in a healthy way



Starting will be difficult, so don't let your brain stress! Try to cook your favourite dishes healthily. 

You can look at recipes online, and I am sure you can get one according to your taste. You can refer to some of the websites like The food network, cooking light, Delish, and Eating Well.


Start a healthy food page on Social


This tip is a bomb! Now, there will be no choice left for you other than to eat healthy food. 

As you need to upload pictures every day about your healthy lifestyle and food. 


Keep healthy food handy 


Don't let your brain convince you to eat anything rather than healthy food. One of the great excuses that the brain gives to eat unhealthily is that there is no food available. 

So just keep some healthy snacks like dried fruit, protein bars, pumpkin seeds etc with you all the time in case of emergency.

Follow health coaches and influencers on social media 



In this era, we just can't keep ourselves away from Social Media. Following people who promote a healthy lifestyle will help us keep motivated. We will consume their good health and food-related content again and again and be motivated to follow.

Here are some health coaches and influencers that you can follow clean & delicious, Green healthy cooking, Doctor   Mike.


  • Summary


So, training your brain in healthy eating is not that difficult if you are determined to do so. 

Cooking your favourite meals more healthily is a great way to start training your brain.

Creating a social media page will give you a sense of responsibility to eat healthily because you have to inspire people to do the same.

Never forget to keep healthy snacks handy with you to avoid unhealthy food and don't forget to follow health coaches who will keep to motivated all the time to eat healthily.


Good luck with your Health journey!