Rakshabandhan Special Gift Box - Rakhi + Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo (250 Gms) + Coconut Cashew Laddoo (250 Gms) + Foxnut 4 seed Trail Mix Peri-Peri (200 Gms)

Richness of Coconut + Moongdal + Cranberry + Cashew + Foxnut + Seeds

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Sweetened with

Palm Jaggery

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Net Weight : 700 gms

18 Nos of Laddoo & 200 Gm Trail Mix

Brothers are very loveable. They are our lifelong defender and friend. In this busy world we do not often get the opportunity to convey our feeling for them.

Rakshabandhan is an auspicious day when we pray for health & happiness of our brother by tying Rakhi in their wrist and serve them with sweets.

The Filling Station brings to you the opportunity to share your love for your brother with gift pack of Healthy Sweets & Savory.


The laddoos are sweetened with Palm Jaggery to help everyone relish the delicious sweets while taking care of health.

This Gift Pack contains :
- Rakhi
- Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo
- Coconut Cashew Laddoo and
- Foxnut 4 Seed Trail Mix Peri-peri

to keep your brother healthy and also enjoy life guilt-free.

Why will you love it?

• No added refined sugar
Naturally sweetened with Palm jaggery that not only adds sweetness but also enhances the taste of the laddoos.

• Palm Jaggery Benefits
Palm Jaggery contains Iron along with Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium & Calcium. This helps in digestion by activating digestive enzymes, helps in relieving cough & cold, and is a good energy booster as it is rich in carbohydrates.

• Holistic Health Benefits
- This diabetic-friendly Trail Mix contains roasted fiber-rich Makana with classic foursome seed-mix of bottle gourd, muskmelon, watermelon & cucumber seeds that add to the protein power of natural essential amino acids. Also being an anti-ulcer, anti-cancer & diuretic, brings a positive effect on our wellbeing

- Moongdal is rich in protein, fiber, Vitamins, iron and many more minerals that help in defending our body from several chronic, age-related diseases.

- Coconut contains many antioxidant phenolic compounds that fight free radicals and help prevent oxidative stress throughout the body thus improving immunity. High fibrous and thus improve a number of different gastrointestinal issues and improves gut health.

Never before has life been so lovingly sweet!

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