Healthy Indulgence Diwali Gift Hamper - Besan Pistachio Laddoo + Coconut Cashew Laddoo + Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo + Healthy Heart Laddoo + Natural Immunizer Laddoo + Gond Laddoo (500 GM)

Richness of Besan + Moongdal + Coconut + Makhana + Rolled Oats + Gond + Almond + Cashew + Pistachio + Cranberry + Raisin + Peanut + Seeds + Palm Jaggery

No preservatives

No Preservatives

No added refined sugar

No Sugar

Sweetened palm jaggery

Sweetened with

Palm Jaggery

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Introducing our exquisite Diwali Laddoo Gift Hamper – a delightful fusion of tradition and flavor that will add a touch of sweetness to your festive celebrations! This thoughtfully curated hamper is designed to spread joy and happiness as you share the essence of Diwali with your loved ones.

 The Filling Station, based out of Mumbai, offers

  • Besan Pistachio Laddoo that has Besan(Gram) Flour, which is high in protein
  • Hand-rolled Moongdal Cranberry Laddoo which contains Moongdal & Cranberry and is high in protein & fiber
  • Coconut cashew Laddoo made with Coconut & Cashew. Coconut is high in fiber.
  • Healthy Heart laddoos is made with crunchy roasted foxnuts/ makhana, pumpkin seeds, cashew nut, palm jaggery and a dash of olive oil to provide everyone with awesome taste and rich nutrients.
  • Natural Immunizer Laddoo is made up of Rolled Oat, Flax Seed, Peanut, Shredded Coconut, Palm Jaggery with a dash of Cardamom powder and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to booste your Immunity
  • Gond Laddoo is made up of Gond, Almond, Cranberry, Pistachio, Cashew, Raisin, Desi Cow Ghee. Gond is known to boost stamina and health, helping one keep away from falling sick due to cold and cough. It also is known to treat low Vitamin D levels in the body, thus making the bones strong.

What is inside

Assorted Laddoos: Our Diwali Laddoo Gift Hamper features a delectable assortment of handcrafted laddoos, each bursting with authentic Indian flavors.

Premium Packaging: We understand the importance of presentation during Diwali gifting. Our hamper is elegantly packaged in a traditional yet chic box adorned with intricate Diwali-themed designs and a vibrant color palette. It's not just a gift; it's a work of art that reflects the spirit of the festival.

Diwali Diyas: To add an extra touch of festivity to your celebrations, we include a set of beautifully crafted Diwali diyas (clay lamps) in the hamper. These diyas symbolize the triumph of light over darkness, making them a perfect addition to your Diwali decor.

Tradition and Taste: Our laddoos are prepared using time-honored recipes passed down through generations, ensuring that each one captures the essence of Diwali and the love and care with which it's celebrated.

Perfect Gift for All: Whether you're sharing this hamper with family, friends, or colleagues, it's the ideal Diwali gift for all. It's a token of appreciation, love, and respect that transcends boundaries and brings people closer.

Why Choose Our Diwali Laddoo Gift Hamper:

  • Handpicked, high-quality ingredients for a rich and authentic taste.
  • Meticulously crafted and beautifully presented to make a lasting impression.
  • A blend of tradition and innovation, perfect for modern Diwali celebrations.
  • An embodiment of the spirit of Diwali – spreading sweetness and light.

This Diwali, share the joy and warmth of the festival with our Laddoo Gift Hamper. It's a gift that encapsulates the essence of Diwali – a time for togetherness, celebration, and the sweetest moments in life.

Order now to make this Diwali an unforgettable celebration of taste and tradition!

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It’s Fresh, Taste good and very Nutritive!


It’s Fresh, Taste good and very Nutritive!


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