Nutritionist Certified High Fiber Date Almond Raisin Spread (400 Gms)

Richness of Dates + Almond + Raisin

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Net Weight : 400 gms

Indians believe in starting their day with high energy food like the plain paratha, stuffed paratha, dosa, idly etc most of which are high in simple carbohydrate and fat. But simple carbohydrates should be avoided since they spike up the blood sugar.  With the awareness of healthy eating, people are now conscious of having a healthy breakfast to start their day.

The Filling Station brings to you awesome tasty cinnamon spiced Date Spread with Dates, Almond & Raisin that is rich in complex carbohydrate, which will energize your whole day without spiking your blood sugar level. This spread will also help you to intake your daily dose of heart healthy omega fatty acid. This spread will remind you of your childhood days of eating toast with jam, prepared by your mother. 

Why will you love it?

  • No added refined sugar & no preservatives
    This spread is naturally sweetened with Dates & Raisins.

  • Energy powerhouse
    Enriched with complex carbohydrates & dietary fiber, this Date spread will help you to start your day with the high energy, that we all look for in our breakfast.

  • Immunity builder
    This Date spread is rich in fiber (insoluble and soluble fiber), active antioxidants like flavonoids, carotenoids and phenolic acids, will not only energize your day, but also improve gut function that helps in boosting immunity.

  • Heart friendly
    The use of almonds in the preserve adds to the heart healthy omega fat, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and zinc making it a super food to strengthen bone and memory.

Relish the goodness of this healthy date spread that will preserve you with health insurance plus!

 Recommendation : 2 tbsp (25g ) prefer at breakfast to start your day with the goodness of complex healthy carbohydrates to give your day an energy boost.

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