Nutritionist Certified Foxnut 4 Seeds Trail Mix Cheese Flavor for Stronger Immunity (Savory) - 200 gms

Richness of Makhana + 4 Seeds

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It’s around 11 am and you are feeling hungry. It’s still 2hr more for your lunchtime. This is the period when we tend to eat junk food to satisfy our hunger pangs. Hunger pangs strike us mostly between meals every day and we wonder what to eat.

The best way to tackle mid-meal hunger pangs in a very healthy, salty & crunchy way is to munch on this Foxnut & seeds trail mix that contains Foxnut, muskmelon seed, bottle gourd seed, cucumber seed, watermelon seeds.  

Loaded with antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties from Makhana & the seeds not only satisfy hunger pangs but also helps to boost immunity in a very diabetic friendly manner.

Fearlessly put your hand in the jar of this Fox nut 4 seed trail mix and eat 4 spoonful (40 gm) of this trail mix and you are not only sorted with your hunger pangs but added a few invaluable micro-nutrients to your body.

Why will you love it?

  • Immunity-Boosting
    This diabetic-friendly roasted makhana seed mix is crispy and crunchy and wholesome in its appeal with B Complex vitamins, anti-inflammatory minerals, antioxidant flavonoids, and phenols, which help to build up immunity.

  • Holistic Health Benefits  Combination of low carbohydrate, fiber-rich Makana with classic foursome seed-mix of bottle gourd, muskmelon, watermelon & cucumber seeds add to the protein power of natural essential amino acids. Also being an anti-ulcer, anti-cancer & diuretic, brings a positive effect on our wellbeing.

  • Heart Care
    Packed with the goodness of iodine Omega-6: Linoleic acid, MUFA (Omega-9: Oleic acid) helps to control LDL & Triglyceride and thus protects the heart.

  • Fight Cancer
    Presence of Selenium – Present in this trail mix acts as a powerful antioxidant, reduces the risk of certain cancer & helps in thyroid functioning.

The Filling Station brings to you a trail mix of Foxnut (makhana) & 4 seeds with  Cheese flavour the best way to meet your hunger pangs.

Recommendation: Our in-house Nutritionist recommends having 40gm of these snacks anytime during the day, whenever you feel hungry. 

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Gagan Gujral

The Foxnut & 4 seed trail mix (Cheese) is very tasty.


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