From Grandmother's pantry to your doorstep - Panjiri Laddoo

From Grandmother's pantry to your doorstep - Panjiri Laddoo

Mahua Ghosh

The Sweet History of Panjiri: A Delicious Tradition 

Panjiri, also known as Panjeeri or Panjeri Ladoo, is a traditional sweet dish in India, made from a mixture of whole wheat flour, ghee, sugar, and dry fruits. This nutritious and delicious sweet has a long and rich history, dating back hundreds of years. This laddoo is considered to be the powerhouse of energy in most Punjabi households.

The origin of Panjiri 

The origin of Panjiri can be traced back to the Indian subcontinent, where it was first prepared as a special treat for expecting mothers. In ancient times, it was believed that consuming Panjeeri during pregnancy would help to ensure a healthy and safe delivery. Over the centuries, the sweet not only became a staple food for expecting mothers and passed down from generation to generation but also for farmers and migrants, who did hard labour every day.  

Popularity of Panjeeri 

As the popularity of Panjiri grew, the recipe evolved to include a wide range of ingredients, such as dried fruits, nuts, and spices. Today, there are many variations of the sweet, each with its own unique taste and nutritional value. Some of the most popular variations include dry fruit Panjiri, besan Panjiri, organic Panjiri, Bajra Panjiri, which we do.

The history of panjiri is extensive and fascinating, and it is a tasty and healthy dessert. Its humble origin as a customary delicacy for expectant moms have given way to its emergence as a common food that is loved by people of all ages and cultures. Therefore, this dessert will leave you feeling full and energised whether you prefer the traditional dry fruit Panjeeri or a healthy version created with organic ingredients.

Benefits of Panjiri Laddoo 

Panjiri laddu is made from a mixture of wheat flour/ Bajra flour/ Besan, ghee, almonds, pistachios, cashews, raisins, and jaggery. It is a good source of vitamins, calcium, and iron, all of which are crucial for the baby's growth and development. Iron aids in the prevention of anaemia in the mother while calcium is essential for the growth of the baby's bones and teeth. Additionally, the protein in the wheat/bajra/ besan flour offers the baby's growth and development vital amino acids. And thus Panjiri took the center stage when it came to gifting expecting mothers.

Nutritious Panjiri laddoo is also know to lubricate the joints, strengthen  bones, increases the immunity and helps in digestion and so these are loved by the senior citizens of the house.

While there is limited scientific evidence on the specific benefits of panjiri for the skin, some of its ingredients may have positive effects. For example, ghee, a key ingredient in panjiri, is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that can help to protect the skin from damage and maintain its youthful appearance. Additionally, the nuts and dried fruits used in panjiri, such as almonds, pistachios, and cashew, are rich in vitamins and minerals that can help to support skin health and improve its overall appearance.

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